Sherbro Son

Introducing INTLBLK – A new platform for International Black Music and Culture

After searching in vain for platforms that specialized in my particular vision for music and culture out of the contemporary Black Atlantic, I decided I needed to go out an a limb and start my own. I’m not exactly sure what this platform is quite yet (not a label, but starting as a label), I hope you stick with me to find out what it turns into. Meet INTLBLK.

The first project we’re presenting sums up the mission for INTLBLK fairly nicely. Ziminino is an electronic music, singer-songwriter, Afro-Brazilian roots project from two Bahian artists, Rafa Dias and Rico Satana. I first met Rico, who is a bassist in his family band OQuadro, in Rio, and we hung out for sometime before he revealed that he also was a singer-songwriter. One day I visited him when Rafa (part of OS Nelsons, and A.MA.$$A) was staying at his house, and they were working on fleshing out some of his compositional ideas on Ableton. As soon they hit play on the first track, I knew it was like nothing I had heard coming out of Brazil yet.

So, today I’m proud to present the first single from the group Intermiténcia, accompanied by an Afro-House, Angola-inspired remix from myself (that again, tries to make explicit the mission behind INTLBLK).

Stream and download the first single from Ziminino via the INTLBLK Bandcamp page.

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