Sherbro Son

Baalbek (Chief Boima Azonto Techno Remix)

I have a new remix out on Feel Up records. It’s part of my Rio-Brooklyn based compatriot Telseen’s new remix EP, Anamorph, featuring a host of global producers.

As always, not content to let words go unspoken about music I’m involved with, I wrote up a little background about my process, as well as inspiration over at Africa is a Country:

For my version, I decided to strip the heavily layered song down to only a few essential instruments, and ended up focusing on one of the several saxophone melodies going throughout the original. From there I decided to concentrate on building my remix around new percussion ideas, instead of harmonic ones. After the saxophone line, the next thing I added back into the mix was the guitar line that hits on the up beat. I foregrounded it and looped the strongest parts so it was continuous throughout the track. Once that was in it reminded me of the emphasis on the up beat of azonto, especially in songs like Sarkodie & E.L.’s “U Go Kill Me.” Expanding on that moment of inspiration, I added a bunch of percussion referencing rhythms prevalent in azonto. I rounded it out by layering the kicks with pitched 808 bass samples to create a new booming bass line, and my azonto-techno remix was born.

Continue reading here, and check out my remix of Telseen’s “Baalbek” below:

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