Sherbro Son

Summer 2014 Shows Round Up + WNYU Live Mix

I just got back to Rio after two months in the states, and the DJ side of my life has been busy, so I’m highlighting some of my related activities so interested parties can follow along.

This summer I felt lucky to be able to play a range of gigs, from intimate gatherings like John DeLore’s Brooklyn backyard BBQ, or Elida Margarita’s 40th birthday at a downtown Oakland clothing shop;

at Elida'sto bigger events like the AfroPunk fest in Brooklyn;


and the Que Bajo Barrioteca rave in Queens;


regular bar nights like my home Little Baobab in San Francisco, and DJ Orion’s home Volstead in Austin; a teen dance community event at the Highline in New York;

Highline Teens

and several venues in Pittsburgh, that included late night brainstorming session the city’s awesome and enthusiastic global bass players.



I’ve also been producing quite a bit more. Geko Jones and I labbed up for 10 days in Austin working out ideas for our Africa Latina project… and I put the finishing touches Sorie Kondi and my new album collaboration. There’s a lot more in the works so be sure to stay tuned! In the meantime check out the live guest DJ mix I did for Hip Hop and Her Family on WNYU in New York earlier this month:

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