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Moner Alo EP

Moner Alo

The Moner Alo EP by Brooklyn Shanti will be released February 19th on Dutty Artz.

Moner Alo translates as “the light of my heart” in Bangla, the indigenous language of Kolkata, India and Bangladesh. New York-based Bengali artist, Brooklyn Shanti, found inspiration for the song while speaking with fellow artist, Anoura, about the state of his heart. During the conversation the track Talking Drum, by Banana Clipz (Chief Boima and Oro 11), played on Anouraʼs playlist and Shanti started wrting to it. The atmospheric instrumental became a heart-felt Bangla and Spanish duet. Upon hearing Shanti and Anoura’s version, Chief Boima signed it to Brooklyn-based Dutty Artz, for worldwide release. The EP release features remixes by A.R. Rahman protégé, Ashwin “AKS” Subramanian and Austin,Texas based DJ/Producer, Sonora of the Peligrosa Crew.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day Brooklyn Shanti got the video together for the song:

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