Sherbro Son

Milano Milano

A little provocative discussion with the one Venus X, Simone of the Palm Wine blog, and myself this past month in Milano, Italy. I was going to do a long drawn out post about my thoughts after watching this, but since the video has already been making the rounds, I’ll just say that I thoroughly enjoyed backing up the fiery New York DJ goddess. Now you understand why I wrote that post?

Here’s what the music portion sounded like (I apparently do funny things with my face when I DJ):

And honestly, this was one of the best DJ sets I’ve heard in my life:

Venus and I also did a little spot for Vodafone. Brian aka Awesome Tapes for Africa threw down my first night in town, so I had to do a little old school set. And, although the talk from Eva and Franco Mattes was in Italian, the part where they were playing Counter Strike or whatever as an “art piece” had me rolling in the back.

Big up all the Milano fam! I ran into boku African brothers and sisters while I was there, and even ended up playing an African club night before hopping back on a plane to NY. That’s the kind of thing I’m getting used to in Europe, I look forward to returning.

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