Sherbro Son

Banana Clipz EP Preview

I have to say I am very excited that it is time for me to put this up:

Banana Clipz Preview Mega-Mini Mix

I’ve been waiting to do this style of mix for years. The influence from all those Dancehall mixes I absorbed as a youth have been smashed into this 8 minute laser extravaganza. I know that I am probably just as guilty of this as the next person, but I beg you: after downloading this mix, pleeease do not listen on your laptop. Wait until you can experience these tunes on proper speakers with some sort of bass. This music is meant for that.

I met Gavin, aka Oro 11 in early 2008 and we started working on sketches of beats at his house by Lake Merritt. In three years time we have visited up and down the California coast playing gigs, making friends, and collaborating with some great artists, several of who are appearing on this project. This project is in some way the result of all those fun times (and late nights.)

Now that I’m in New York, and these tracks are finally being released unto the world, my nostalgia for the time I spent in the Bay makes them all the more meaningful. I hope you enjoy this preview as much as I enjoyed making it. The final product will be here soon!

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