Sherbro Son

Techno Rumba is Here!

Artwork by Robert Trujillo

“Hello everybody, reporting live from somewhere!”

I’d like to share the very exciting for me news that my first EP of original material is up and available for purchase at iTunes, Amazon, or Boomkat online retailers.

I’d love the support if you feel like purchasing the record.  I’ve been working really hard on producing music for the past few months (there’s been a lack of posting both here and at Ghetto Bassquake.)  A slew of releases and official remix projects that I am all very proud of will be following soon!

I am also very excited about the news that I will be moving to New York in the fall to attend graduate school at The New School, and will also try and continue this music thing in a new pond.  I’ve had a great time in the Bay Area, and it may not be bye forever, but for now, new opportunities await.

In the meantime, before all these wonderful things happen (including you buying my music) you can tide yourself over with this promo mix I did to celebrate the release of the EP:

Chief Boima – Pan-Rumba Techno Rumba

Visit Dutty Artz to get the tracklist.  Supplemental post at WFMU

Also, fittingly this is released on April 27th.  To the land that continues to serve as inspiration for many of my creations, happy Sierra Leone Independence Day!


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  3. Thanks Adam. I play every 3rd Friday and Saturday at Little Baobab, most likely the 3rd weekend, but this month (May) is different. My next gig there is May 15th, and then back to the 3rd weekend in June. Come say what up if you stop by!

  4. Salas

    Hello Boima, can you tell me which vocal (who sing) and from which song is in track

    Confession vs. Baile Aleman-Chief Boima


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