Sherbro Son

New Year Optimism

I had a blast on New Years, playing in front of this beautiful Mosque in Abu Dhabi.  Getting to play an international mix of music like UK Funky, Coupe Decale, Bhangra, Crunk, Soca, Cumbia, Baltimore/Philly Club, Rai, and Egyptian Pop, far from my home base, and receive a rowdy dancing response from a diverse international crowd has made me optimistic for 2010 and beyond.  While I had to still fight off demands for 80’s music from a group of drunk Scottish people (some in kilts) as well as their orders to shut off the music at midnight so they could sing loudly a proper Scottish New Year’s tune, I was pleasantly surprised by the diverse crowd that came to party in the New Year.

I’m headed back to the states on Monday, to pop in to Beat Research in Boston.  Come catch me in my jet lag haze, I’ll definitely be sharing some East African treats from my trip to Nairobi.

On return to San Francisco, I’ll be back home at Baobab Village Friday night January 8th to play along side my Dutty Artz brother Taliesen, the Crooked Clef from Seattle, and SF’s very own Slayer’s Club Crew.  Check the flyer:

See you all in 2010!


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