Sherbro Son

California Mystics


I’ve been invited down tomorrow night (Tuesday) to Los Angeles by my friends Daniel and Asma of Nguzunguzu to play at their weekly Tuesday night party Wildness, which I’m excited for.  The night, started by DJ Total Freedom, seems like it may live up to the name if the reviews have anything to say about it.  Me I’m just down for some good old fashioned American Freedom.  Anticipate an adventurous set.

I’ll be flying back up to Oakland on Wednesday to guest alongside DJ Santero.  Check his dope song and video:

Agua del Rio by Santero ft. Krudas Cubensi, Femi & Omega. Directed by ShakaJamal. Choreography by Jacinta Vlach of Liberation Dance Theater.

I’m going to play some Bubu, and other magical musics, in honor of the night’s theme.

Voodoo Wed

It’s at Luka’s Taproom, the place I stomped around for a few months on Thursdays, so it’s nice to be back.  Hopefully I’ll see you arrrround!

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