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London London London City…

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The 80’s Calypso tune that I heard so often on road trips as a kid, made me always dream about the place called London City.  Now I get to bring my own music to London on Friday and Saturday.


For everyone who’s not in London, Vamanos and I will be broadcasting live from Diesel U Radio, 3pm to 5pm, GMT (London Time) Friday August 7th.  And in the evening after the radio show, if you are in London, come check us out at Secousse, the monthly party started by production duo Radioclit at the Notting Hill Arts Club.



On Saturday, I’m honored to be playing with both Vamanos and the wonderful, talented, Isa GT.  These were the first two people to write anything about my music, so it feels good to be able to share the decks with them for my first big weekend playing in London.  That gig is called Musicalia, at Vogue Fabrics in East London.


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  1. Jules

    wow, you don’t know how depressing it is to see this almost three months too late 😦 I hope you enjoyed London!! I love the blog, the insight and the music.

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