Sherbro Son

On the Road


I was debating turning this into a travel log of sorts, and it seems I’ve been inconsistent with the type of stuff I put up here, but thought it would be a good idea to share my thoughts on the road while in Europe, especially when relevant to music.

I landed in Warsaw, Poland and after a long in and out of sleep flight, and arriving at what would have been 2am New York time, I found myself questioning what I was suddenly doing in Eastern Europe.

I had some interesting talks with a Polish man on the plane, who was in Brooklyn attending the year’s little people conference.  I can’t imagine growing up as a little person in a communist country.  Maybe it’s not that bad.  What do I know?  But his concerns gave me an interesting insight to Poland.  He was worried about things becoming more expensive when they get the Euro, but proud of having the strongest economy in Eastern Europe.  He spoke of German tourists.  Everyone in Europe speaks of German tourists.

Here are some thoughts I jotted down while waiting for my connection to Sweden:

On arrival to a place that’s completely unfamiliar you can’t help but stare at the natives and wonder what the average person lives for.  What defines success to them.  I try to think what defines life to the average person back home.  All I can come up with is the ability to buy more things.  I wonder in this post communist republic, if it’s not the same.  The ads on the wall, the way people dress would hint at that.  It doesn’t seem that a country’s developmental success isn’t measured in how much collective work they do towards making a better global community.  Maybe that’s why I’ve come here.  I see in the way people look at me, that I’m an ambassador, albeit an unlikely one in my own mind, but the more these people see strangers in their own back yard, the more they will realize how connected we all are (and that more people that look like me are on the way!)  What could be better for a place like Poland, one of the newly christened countries of the European Union.  They must realize with membership not only comes glitz and glamour of wealth but the responsibility to do something for others with it.

Honestly I didn’t even step foot in their city, or leave the airport, but I had gotten some interesting looks in the airport, which always prompts me to ponder the state of the world.  Updates from Sweden next.

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