Sherbro Son

Demo Crazy


It’s my pleasure to announce in this post, the official release of Demo Crazy, a mixed collection of tunes in collaboration with the great Khalil Anthony.

Demo Crazy is an exploration of African identity.  Thoughts echoed on this website, put in music form, transmitted digitally from Oakland, California (The West West Coast of Africa) to the world.  In the shadow of the inauguration of the first African descended president in the United States, we recognize that the game of life is wide open with possibility.   What does it mean to re situate Africa in the global societal structure?

With tracks originating from the U.K. to South Africa to Angola to Los Angeles to Jamaica, we touch down all over the Black Atlantic to find out the answer to the question: “Who am I, if I’m not African?”

Enjoy Demo Crazy Available in several download formats:

Download Single Untracked MP3: 192 KBPS : 320 KBPS

Download Tracked Zip MP3’s & Artwork: 192 KBPS : 320 KBPS

Download: Press Release




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