Sherbro Son

The Highlife: Thank You America

Now let’s celebrate! Thursday night at the 2nd The Highlife Party.  And really in the spirit of this time, this is The High Life!  This time with guests DJ Sogui So Good, Sierra Leonean Reggae Singer Khady Black and the residents Chief Boima and Shawn Dub.  Artist Susu Attar will be projecting videos.  Located at the Tunnel Top 601 Bush Street in SF.  Obama songs throughout the night!




  1. What can I say? The Marketing of this stuff on the street level has become somewhat… Difficult. I’m in an area where music nights are still pretty strictly bound by “traditional” genres categories, so when I hand someone a flyer they want to know right away,
    “What kind of music?”
    Which leads me to stutter out a couple of things like,
    “African… based… new… from… around the world…”
    And inevitably they say, “so like World Beat.”
    And I say, “yeah… no… kind of, I play house and hip hop too.”

    As a new “party promoter.” I’m finding I have to be much more (capitalist?) marketing saavy than just djing a weekly night where people know they’re gonna hear something they want. I actually think you would find that interesting. Playing at an “ethinc” club, and the difficulties of tryin to break out into the “scene.” I’ve heard similar things from other dj’s in the “Tropical” category.

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