Sherbro Son

The Highlife: Saturday October 18th

Highlife Music was one of the first African musics to take influences from American Sounds.  In the 1920’s as urban areas in West Africa grew, Jazz, and Big Band arrangements fused with local Palm Wine and acoustic musics, and also mixed with Calypso, Cuban Son, and other musics from overseas.  It was fun, uplifting music in the spirit of good times.

These such fusions continue on through to today,  and it is in that spirit of mixing and good times, a group of folks have come together to bring you The Highlife, a new monthly party.

This is a project in collaboration with the African Immigrant and Refugee Resource Center, Thirdspace Productions, Akwaaba Music Label.  I’m excited to launch my own monthly event that could go off into bigger territory.  Guest DJs include Benjamin from Akwaaba, Shawn Dub (the homie), DJ Oro 11 (the homie).  The flyer design was done by Samira Idroos.

We’re also playing music that isn’t really getting promoted widely in San Francisco.  If you wanna hear Panamanian Reggae Soca, or Angolan Kuduro, or South African Kwaito, or U.K. Funky House, or U.K. Broken Beat, or Digital Cumbia, or Ivorian Coupe Decale, or Ghanian Hiplife, all in one place, and at the forefront, not mixed in or added as a footnote to another style, THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE!

The first one is at Anu Bar on 6th Street between Mission and Market in Downtown San Francisco!  Keep an eye out for the next one as well!


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