Sherbro Son

Diaspora Rockers Wear

I just wanted to big up my man Bouba’s company Diaspora Rockers. They got real cool tees and I guess are running a music studio in Paris. We put their logo in the back of the cover for our Baobab Connection Mixtape, but it didn’t come out as prominently as we had planned. Pick up a T-Shirt, or a hat, or a belt buckle and get stylish today!

Diaspora Rockers Myspace Page


  1. Yo mr. DJ Good to see the new home for Ideas , sounds and the latest news from the best man I’ve seen working with a pick up on the West Coast.
    we fisrt met last year when you opened a concerto for Boca do Rio , that brazilian band formed only by non-brazilian ppl . At the time you were playing this mix of hip-hopSalsaAfroSambaCumbiaDance that kept everyone on the vibe till the end of the set.
    Since that day i’ve been looking foward to hear ya again and i’ve only done it n the internet as our schedule dont get along too well.
    last friday I went to see the Thievery Corporation and they reminded me of your sound.
    im gonna keep an eye on yr scheduled and I’ll try to meet up one of these day.
    keep up the music bro.
    congrats for the new blog

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